24 October 2010

my current situation now..with thousand of work to settle before this end of november..
n yet i dun have enough time to think bout common thing! sorry coz sumtime i cannot be too alert with what people wanna say bout me or whatever..
coz now my focus is to settle my works!
emm tp plez la jgn tmbh stress dalam idop aq ni ngn bnde2 kecik ok..
aq pon da mls nk pkir what people will say..samada depan or blakng aq..
adoi..aq bkn mrh kalo de org nk ckp sal aq kt blkng coz manusia ni de mulut..mmg tok beckp..
as long as x kaco idop aq n x porak perandakn idop aq da la..
emm tp yg pnting aq nk cpt2 abes blaja n tgglkan tmpt ni..boring siot ngn life skng ni!mcm2 ragam i need to face..kdng2 i feel like my current world is really worst..it sucks!
huhu..when handling matters with human, it will cause thousand of problems! huh.
ok lah..ssje nk sakitkn ag hati aq yg da sedia ada sakit ni..
tp redho je la..ok.c u in next entry..bubye!

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