06 October 2013

Life as new Woman ~ Wife & Future Mom ~

Dear all..

Just to share some new stories bout my life now..After marrying guy I love most, now I am waiting for our 1st baby Insyaallah on this Jan 2014..

Thanks to Allah for giving us chance for being mom & dad; insyaallah..
I don't know how should I expressed my words now but I am happy & really grateful for all these good moments..

1st..I would like to thanks to Allah for giving me this kind of experience..
Married with a man who always care & love me..Thank You Mr. Hubby!

i love him very muche!!

20 April 2013

My Wedding

Waah...lame sgt dah rasenye x update blog ni..aisemen..almost a year kowt!! hehe
last entry rsenye ade kot early 2012..heheh
and dah byk sgt perubahan yg dah berlaku dlm idop saye..hehe dari cik ke puan..dr tempat kje lame ke baru..dari xde anak buah sampai la dah ada sorang..hehe cume anak sendiri je xde ag..hehehehhe

ok..this time just nk citer bout my wedding on last 2013 Dec 01..hehhe this would be my wonderful date la..hehe
ok..just to share several of my pic!!

 Ni la my CIK ABG Sayang~ hehhehe 
 and..this is ME~

 ni abah yg sedih tol..sob3..
 my man is coming!! 

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