07 October 2010

social tyme!! ~

entry kali ni sye nk share moment2 sye ngn member2 sye..
have fun with them! what a owesome day..
kteorg g setiawan on 4 oktober 2010 lps..ary isnin..
gerak dlm kol 830 mlm..
mule2 g mcdonald..kasi penoh perut dlu..
then bru la de energy nk nyanyi!
kteorg g 10 org..
fara,nana,nada,iyul,pika,eda,lily,yana,ity and syazwan..
they r havoc! btw..realy fun spent tyme with all of them!
love u all..nk share gak several pic kteorg mse hang out ari2..

mkn2!! yeah~

~night of glamorous!

time for forgetting all the assignment!

nana & iyul..

duet song with encik syazwan raihan.~

cool babe!

with cik mazidah!

this is my moment!!



duet song with cik raihana..

happy moment!

u rox babeh!!

this is my life with them!
Queen of no 16!ghee

ni la moment2 terindah bersama diaorg..
hope lps ni kteorg mkin rapat..
such a sweet night to remembered!

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